Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is an improvised concert designed to provide an environment where energy that is no longer needed can be released, shifting the mind, body and spirit into a deeply relaxed state of being. Participants are bathed in powerful vibrations that help entrain their brain waves into Theta. It is in this deeply relaxed state that physical / mental / spiritual healing can take place, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, cellular regeneration, stress release, and emotional/physical healing.

Participants lay in a comfortable position on the floor (savasana), while Daniella plays the crystal bowls and gongs, accompanied by her shamanic vocal toning. Many people have reported physical healing, and often experience a night of deep rejuvenating sleep after the sound bath. Please bring anything that you may need to feel comfortable lying on the floor for the savsana. Blankets, pillows, yoga mats etc. are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and please be hydrated before and after the event.

During a Yoga Sound Bath, the yoga practice is accompanied by crystal bowl and gong playing. The vibrations and tones assist your movements and brain, shifting your mind into a more meditative state and allowing you to go deeper into your  practice. The yoga portion of the class is followed by an extended sound bath savasana, where Daniella adds vocal toning to the crystal bowls and gongs.

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