Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing, described as “spiritually guided life force energy.” It was rediscovered by the Japanese buddhist Mikao Usui, who called it “the secret art of inviting happiness”. Reiki is a powerful yet subtle healing energy that helps restore balance in your physical body, emotions, and mind. The energy of reiki is channeled by the practitioner and flows into the recipient, and assists in releasing negative energy or blocks that may be causing physical imbalance or mental / emotional discomfort. Reiki has its own consciousness, and flows to where it is needed in the body. It is gentle and non invasive, helping induce states of deep relaxation where healing can take place. It is a wonderful compliment to any healing modality, and when combined with other forms of treatment, it works as a catalyst.

Reiki can be used to treat any condition, from physical disease to injury, as well as emotional states of imbalance or duress. Because it helps entrain your brain into Theta, it is wonderful for easing stress. A treatment often feels like a warm and gentle current running through your body, assisting your body’s natural healing process.

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