Reiki I

4 hours, $150.

In this class, you will receive a Reiki Level I attunement, which confers the ability to channel Reiki energy for healing. You will learn the history of Reiki, and receive a copy of the manual Reiki, A Guide for the Practice Levels I and II. You will learn hand positions and protocol for giving a treatment to yourself and to others. You will learn a valuable grounding technique that will assist you during treatments. You will also receive a certificate of achievement confirming you are a Level I Reiki practitioner.

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Reiki II

4 hours, $150

In Reiki II, you will receive the Advanced Reiki attunement, enabling you to channel a higher vibration of Reiki energy. You will receive and be empowered to use the three power symbols that shift the way your Reiki flows for more specific healing purposes. We will also cover how to use Reiki for long distance healing for others, and you will receive a certificate of achievement confirming you are a Reiki Level II practitioner.

Advanced / Reiki Master Training

June 3 & 4, 2017, $500

In this class you will receive the Advanced and Master level attunements, which increase the power of Reiki and raise the level of your vibration. After completion you will be able to teach Reiki classes to others, and give attunements as well. You will receive the three Master Symbols, and will learn advanced meditations and techniques for specific healing purposes. You will also receive instruction for sending Reiki in a manner that allows it to flow continuously for an extended period of time. You will also receive a certificate of achievement confirming you are a Reiki Master, qualified to teach Reiki.

Sound Healing Training

Sound Healing Level I • With Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs and Voice
$250. March 25th, 2018  10am-6pm.

In this class, we will discuss the physics of sound, and how frequency can be used for healing via different modalities and techniques. We will cover a brief exploration of how to ground and balance the body before and after a sound bath offering.

We will also have a hands on exploration of how to play the crystal bowls and gongs with personal one on one instruction. We will explore different ways of singing / toning with both instruments. You do not have to be a singer to do this, and we will approach the working with the voice in a playful way. We will address how to lead a sound bath, and practice playing both the gongs and the bowls together. You do not need to have any sound tools to take this class. Daniella will provide you with sources to buy any tools you might need after the class, and our exploration will give you insight on which instruments you would like to start playing with.

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